How it all started

The first step to realizing how much I loved creating invites was the hours and hours of research I put into the months leading up to the wedding. What I discovered were pages upon pages of blogs with such exciting things that could be done to make a wedding suit your style and personality. I realized that while one can get all the inspiration we need from blogs, magazines and websites, we don't always get everything we want in a stationary set.

I saw that every beach wedding had a shell set attached, and some sort of nautical theme. While that may be many peoples ideas of exactly what they want, it wasn't mine. We were getting married in Thailand. We were doing something different just by getting married where we were, and I didn't want to be limited to to the designs I found online.

I wanted (selfishly of course) for people to see my invite, and to be blown away. I wanted people to look at it and say (meaning it of course) that it was the best, most unique invite they had ever seen. And after many many attempts at perfectly lovely invites that were dumped in the trash, late one night after a few cups of coffee I started again... except this time I loved it. It was Toby and I perfectly. It matched us and our personalities to the T. The more I worked on it the more I loved designing everything wedding.

It went from our save the date, to a 16 page passport was calligraphy envelopes. Then onto a program, menu, name cards, table numbers, welcome bags, thank you cards, love notes etc etc. I had so much fun doing it, that I decided to keep doing it.

When a friend of mine asked me to help with hers, I jumped at saying yes. It was a fun silly Save the date magazine cover, but it got such a good response, I was asked again and again and again.

I love what I do, I love making peoples invitations unique, and special. Whether to match their theme, or personalities, they always end up something a little bit different. And, its always nice to know, its not picked off a template, and no-one else's invites will be the same.

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