French Chateau Design From The Wedding Collection

This past week I have been asked for the same design from The Wedding Collection  by 2 different brides. The Wedding Collection is a ready to buy range that offers brides a creative and cost effective way to have lovely invites.

What I loved the most about these 2 designs is that you can see the brides tastes reflected through the way they customised them.

Yana & Frank chose the invite with a subtle vintage wallpaper behind it, and went with it in landscape format. They chose a subtle Lilac for the pattern and then embossed it for added effect. I also designed them a guest book which was also embossed to match their stationary. 

Angelina and Laurent also loved the design and also chose purple, but went with a grape foil on the pattern instead. Their Invite was a portrait format, and they went for the design without the vintage wallpaper. They had 2 sets of invites printed - An english version, and a french version.

I was amazed at the fact that, while they were both the same design, how uniquely different they both came out.

Items in The Wedding Collection can be customised by changing not only colours and fonts, but also by adding unique touches such as foils, embossing and even monograms.

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