Friday Freebie - Calender Save the Date

So today is not Friday - yes I know sadly I really wish it was the start of the weekend again. Last week monday my beloved Macbook Pro got the spinning wheel of death and after much pleading and begging with it - I was forced to take it in to get the harddrive replaced.A week of feeling like I have lost a limb and I have FINALLY got it back - so I have a good excuse - but to make it up to you, I have designed a super handy super cute Save the Date.

Later this week I will be taking photos of it and adding it to the post, but in the meantime I just had to share... I am up to my eyeballs at the moment catching up from the last week, so this is a very quick post today.

As usual this can be printed at home or a local printer and you can find envelopes from Prints in Mercato or Mirdif Mall or PaperChase. You can also order online from Ideal Envelopes in the UK, but their postage is steep, so I would only recommend this if you are sending from there. You Can Download the PNG Files HERE if you are adding the image in on your computer. 

As always feel free to send suggestions my way.

Have a great week!!



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