Real Wedding: Nahtalie & Winston Part II

Favourite detail of the day?
My favourite detail was probably the names that we gave our tables as opposed to numbers.  The words we chose were words such as love, hope, trust and play and were words which we think to be imperative in a marriage.  We had the words made out of rusted wire and they stood in the centre of the table arrangements.  We now have these wire words to put up in our house wherever we go.  
Describe your wedding cake:
I was wanting to bring in an element of fun and thought the cake would be the perfect place.  We decided on cupcakes for this and managed to find a gorgeous little shop to make them.  Sticking to our colour theme, we decided to go with white chocolate and chocolate cupcakes with alternative colour icing.  The icing then had the alternative coloured sugar heart on top which in turn had polka dots on.  We just loved the uniqueness of them, and of course they made everyone smile.

Most memorable moment?  
The time when we were getting our photo’s taken after the ceremony was, for me, the most precious.  We had only been apart from each other for a day and a half  but this was our first time together as husband and wife.  It might sound ridiculous but it felt like stolen moments where I got to reconnect with this person who I knew so well yet still felt like I had so much more to discover.  I don’t remember ever being more in love.

What’s next for you as a couple?  
We are actually just trying to decide what it is that we both want from life and then make it happen.  We both dream of living at the coast and are hoping that this will be our next big step.  We also want to start a family quite soon so we are holding thumbs that all goes according to plan. 

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