Real Wedding: Nahtalie & Winston Part I

It's very seldom that I can make it to my friends weddings, it's a sad fact of living so far away from everyone (that and most of my friends are not of the marrying they say!) So I was thrilled, elated and oh so excited to be able to go to Nahtalie and Winston's wedding. The setting was incredible, the weather perfect, and the mood… well… elated! The couple have been dating on and off for the last 14 years and I think I can safely say (without the groom scowling at me) that we were all so thrilled that they were finally saying the BIG I Do! There were both new friends and old friends and everyone had an absolute blast, with the bride being the last to leave… with her hubby of course! Nahtalie shared with me some further details from her special day....

How did you meet?
Winston and I were lucky enough to meet each other when we were 13 years old on our school grounds.  We went to an extremely small school so when a new pupil arrived everyone knew immediately.  We were part of the same friendship group all through high-school and although we had an on-again, off-again relationship at school, we only really got together during our first year of university.   Funnily enough, the 1st day I saw him I told a friend that I was going to marry him.  Whether it was fate or coincidence who knows...

Tell us about your proposal:  
It was a Tuesday night and apparently he had a big plan for the weekend but he ended up getting the ring early and it was starting to burn a hole in his pocket.  On his way home from work he decided he was just going to ask me at home as he also knew this would be the place I’d be least suspicious (no one can keep a secret from me – or so I thought).  He stopped to buy 50 long stemmed red roses and when he got home he told me to go shower as he had a surprise.  Once I was out he blind-folded me and led me down the hallway to our living room. Here he dropped my blindfold where I saw our coffee table scattered with rose-petals, 50 roses and a BEAUTIFUL ring!  He pressed play on our favourite song and went down on one knee.  Needless to say, the waterworks opened and the rest, as they say, is history.

What advice would you give out to someone planning their wedding?  
The pursuit of a perfect wedding day can turn out to be rather demanding and tiresome.  Rather embrace the fact that everything doesn’t have to be perfect,  I found out that it was these little “mess up’s’” that made the day uniquely ours. Have fun, enjoy the whole process and laugh when things don’t go according to plan.. after all, you’re the only one who knows it!

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