Charlotte & Dan's Aviary Invitation Suite

Here is some of Charlotte and Dan's gorgeous aviary wedding stationary I blogged about a short while back.   Well I finally got round to photographing it. The aviary theme was gorgeous, and tied in so nicely with the LLadro inspired wedding. The paper used was  Conqueror Contour - OysterI also designed a monogram for the couple to use across the rest of their stationary (coming soon)  and this incorporated the twigs that would be used on their cake and a few other decorative elements of the wedding.

The invites were a 2 colour print (black and gold), with a blind emboss for the birds, and embossing on the couples name. I used gold  ink selectively on the branches, names and the little quote on the inside left page. The gold envelope and gold band were used to tie it all in together. Her invitations were designed in 2 sets, the day invite (which was printed with gold and embossed) and the evening invite which was just printed black and Pantone Gold. Both turned out beautifully, and where held together with the info card by a gold band, which I painstakingly trimmed and glued myself.

We did a bit of DIY for the follow up stationary to save on costs. I have managed to get some extra sheets of theConqueror Contour from the printers, and printed the rest of their stationary digitally. We had a few extra trimming costs, but it allowed them to have a lot more stationary than they would have if we had gone for all of her stationary to be printed with black and gold. I will post pictures of the rest of the stationary as soon as have some time.

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