HSBC Ramadan Invitation

I recently had the pleasure of designing a save the date and invitation for an HSBC Ramadan Event. Living in Dubai, Ramadan's a big deal, and a very festive time of year, filled with Iftars (breaking fast) where you and your friends gather and celebrate, give thanks and spend time together. Even if you are not Muslim and are not fasting we still meet up for the occasional Iftar as a way to involve ourselves.Living in a Muslim country its nice to be involved, and see how everyone celebrates. We all gather about once a week (every night would cause some serious weight gain) and in most restaurants its so festive, because it will most likely be filled with about 8 different nationalities.

I designed this invite for a corporate event that was been held at the Burj Al Arab, at a gallery sponsored by the Meem Art Gallery which is home to some of the best Islamic art in the country. I wanted the invitation to reflect not only islamic calligraphy and art, but also embody ramadan into the whole feel of it. So the calligraphy reads Ramadan Kareem.


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