Thailand PhotoBook

I have been working for the last 12 months on our Thailand wedding and honeymoon Album (and the holiday before the wedding) I know you must be thinking that 12 months is a looong time to put into a photo book... and I agree, but it really does somehow fall at the bottom list of my priorities when I am freelancing in an office during the day, and then coming home and working on freelance invites and logos (all of which pay money.. my gorgeous photobook does not). I have squeezed in a page or two on lunchbreaks and just before I climbed into bed... and sacrificed a few saturdays so now I am proud that FINALLY I can say it is finished. 

I love how it has turned out. I love that it captures the fun and love we shared with each other and our friends and family on our holiday, and at our wedding. I probably would have made it 250 pages had it not been for the Bob Books page limit. I cant wait to see how it turns out, but I sadly am going to have to as we are only picking it up next month when we visit my hubby's family in the UK.

This is the link to where you can view it in magazine version. What do you think?? 

Here are a few JPEGS from the 154 page hardcover book.

Nice no???

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