Studio Sol - New Logo Ideas

So for the past few weeks I have been trying to create a new identity for myself - one that I can use to carry through to developing my freelance business  and showcase my work, but also one that I could use for my invitation design business that is starting to take off. I didnt want to use just my name, and I am bit sceptical of A Little Bit of Sol as a business name since I have always used that for my blog. I wanted something new... but something that still reflects me! 

I wanted to incorporporate Sol, since its my surname (well only part of it now, but its still unique and still me) and also because I feel that a persons design whether personal or corporate should always reflect them. Clients choose designers based on their portfolio style and often personality too. So Soul is important in both design and personality and I wanted to carry this through to my logo identity.

Anyways here are three designs I am working on. I am not using colour just yet (that will come later once I have developed the logo) but this is my starting point. All three are quite different to each other... Let me know what you think? 


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