Still Life Fashion Styling

I have just finished a freelance job working at ITP Publishing working on a few magazines. On two of them I had the please to work as Art Director for them filling in for a maternity contract. I must be honest I know I am a born (and trained) designer, but given the oportunity to style and art direct the photoshoots were serious fun.I wasn't thrown in the deep end... 

They were just still life shots and not models, make up artists and a set full of people... just me, and my wonderfull photographer for the day. While I had SO much fun, next time, maybe I wont try schedule in 10 shoots for 12 hours... 

It was just a "tad" stressfull... These are just some of the 10 that were shot
Cant wait to post the rest....

I SOOOOO Covet all that Van Cleef and Dior fine jewelery!!! Sadly it all came with a security guard:(


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