Karina and Hamish Wedding Invites

Karina and Hamish were not only some of my first customers, but definately on the list of my best. They are such a lovely couple, and it was a joy o work on their invites. They came to me with a brief that they wanted 2 wedding invites for their weddings in New Zealand, and Dubai. They wanted them both to work together but be a bit different. They also wanted the invites to reflect not only the wedding, but their personalities and the countries they came from. Karina is from Egypt, hamish from New Zealand and they both live here in Dubai.

The vineyard they got married in New Zealand had so much lavender, that was the first source of inspiration. The gorgeous array of purples and greys, along with the vines was what I wanted the invite to reflect.

I'll be posting tomorrow with some gorgoues pics from their weddings! 

New Zealand Wedding Invite

Dubai Wedding Invite

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