Real Wedding - Karina & Hamish

Yesterday I posted on Karina & Hamish's Dubai & New Zealand wedding invites.
So I thought I would share some of their gorgeous photos from New-Zealand at Stoneridge Waiheke island.

How Did You Meet?
Hamish and I met at the after party of the Rugby Sevens World Cup in Dubai in March 2009. The uncensored version – it was a girls night and my best friend Dina dared me to kiss a random guy!! Determined to prove that I can do it, I went to the dance floor with my wing girl at which point two guys started to dance with us. After a while, I approached one of them and explained to him the dare! Shortly after I was surrounded by my girls and quickly kissed him! Little did I know that he would be my husband three years later!!

Tell Us About Your Proposal?

Hamish had taken the day off on Thursday pretending to be at work. He was actually preparing a gourmet three-course dinner at home. He had prepared the house with candles, flowers and even got new crystal Champagne flutes! We had planned to have a “quiet” one and watch a movie that day. Meanwhile, Thursday evening after work I go back home, unlocked the door to find Hamish waiting for me in a candle-lit setting. He didn’t give me much time to think, he immediately dropped on a knee and asked me “will you marry me”?:) The whole evening was magical, the various touches in the house, the dinner, the tailor made song list, the vintage Dom Perignon that he had been saving for a “special occasion”, and of course the stunning RING!! All was simply amazing. The day after, Hamish asked me to pack a bag to go for a weekend getaway. He surprised me and took me to Al Maha Resort where we received top class treatment.
Since we both come from different countries we decided to have two weddings! The main one was in New Zealand – Auckland where we officially got married at church and had a reception with about 60 people. Despite New Zealand being quite far, my three best friends and of course my family flew in for the big day. We then organized another reception/party one month later in Dubai. This was essentially a big party to celebrate with all our friends who couldn’t make it to New Zealand, it was such a fun night. The energy was just amazing. Having two weddings definitely adds a little more stress but thankfully we had our friends and parents to help and support us. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them! We were truly blessed and very lucky to be able to celebrate our marriage with all our amazing friends.
Describe Your Wedding Flowers?
Our theme was Lilac and white, so in our wedding reception in Auckland we had a mixture of hydrangeas, lilies and orchids. 

Were There Any Special Traditions That You Included?
Since we had two weddings, we included an Egyptian tradition in the Dubai wedding with the Zaffa. The Zaffa gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “making an entrance”! Hamish and I were escorted into the main outdoor reception area by a “human dancing and singing parade”. This is a combination of enthusiastic friends and family as well as hired musicians on drums. It is extremely animated and lots of fun!
What Advise Would You Give Out To Someone Planning Their  Wedding?
The ultimate thing you have to realize is a wedding gives you a chance to make what you have beautiful and creative. You don’t have to go and search for things out of your reach to create something beautiful. I would also suggest resisting the temptation to spend more than you can afford. And finally enjoy this phase -being engaged is supposed to be one of the most happy times of your life! Don't give in to stress and the all-consuming planning process; enjoy this special time with your fiancĂ©.

Most Memorable Moment?

The most memorable moment was at church in Auckland after walking down the aisle and finally holding hands with Hamish. We were both so excited and emotional. The feeling I had when we shared our vows and the whole ceremony was absolutely unforgettable. Another memorable moment was Hamish’s speech at out wedding in Auckland – I have no words to describe how amazing it was!! It just reminded me how lucky I was to be marrying him.

Favourite Detail Of The Day?
It is hard to say one specific favorite detail of the day because everything was so perfect. The whole day was truly like a fairytale. One detail, which was organized by Hamish and blew us away, was the cars he had organized to drop us to church. He had hired two, one for my father and I and another for my bridesmaids - Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and a Daimler 2.5-V8 (mark II) both were white. They were absolutely gorgeous, it made the ride with my father even more special. 

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